"No erotic work of art is filth if it is artistically significant; it is only turned into filth through the beholder if he is filthy."

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"i’m sad and i want to have a lot of sex"

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When your favorite song comes on the radio

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This is why we don’t need feminism. Because if a man was guilty of throwing hot oil on his wife, no one would wonder what she did wrong or be laughing about it.
(At least 3 comments displayed some sympathy for him, the rest laughed)

Well feminism seeks equality for all sexes, plus you can’t choose one woman to generalize everyone else. Just like with race or anything else. It’s ignorant. This is exactly why we need feminism because of the ignorant comments and victim blaming that was being said.

Feminism, by the dictionary definition, is a political movement seeking economic and social equality for females. As that’s been achieved in first world nations like America, it’s unnecessary to be in this movement. In fact, it’s creating more sexism and prejudices not only against men but against women as well. The only reason you’d need feminism is to gain superiority while using a victim complex to get it.

Yea, and the point of that is to gain equality for women that is leveled with men. In no way did that definition say “the goal was tearing men down in order to bring women up.” In no way is it sexist or prejudice against men when institutionally, men are in power and with it being a patriarchal society. Again with the race example, or even other examples of people who are not heterosexual, white men, the marginalized groups in society are always looking for equality, respect, justice, etc. That doesn’t mean that they’re creating prejudice. They’re battling against it. Another point of why feminism is needed: women aren’t asking to be seen as victims or fall behind the victim complex. The idea that you think that women attempt to have that complex is why we need feminism, and again you’re generalizing.

What you’re not getting is that a definition is not its followers.
Time and time again, under the mask of desiring equality, feminists do the opposite.
And of course I’m generalizing. That’s assumed when talking about broad aspects.
It’s generalizing to say that not all Jews believe in Jesus, and it’s generalizing to say that all Nazis hated Jews. For argument’s sake, and to avoid adding on an asterisk to every single sentence, it’s assumed that I obviously don’t mean every single person in a group ever.

Not only that, but feminists do /generally/ (happy?) have an obsession with false information. Rape Culture, patriarchy, Wage Gap; all scary words used to brainwash the sheep of the group, no matter how bullshit the arguments are or have been proven to be.

Just going to address a few things because I don’t want to reiterate myself. You’re definitely misinformed with the idea of those topics being false information. You definitely need to research, not only online sources with that basic definition that you gave me, but also look at real life sources as well for people who are feminist and have those ideals. Just because someone calls themselves a feminist doesn’t mean they are. I am not sure who you’re seeing, following, or using as examples of feminism, but if they’re using that label to gain superiority or to put other sexes down, then they need to reevaluate that label and do more growing, as well as the fact that you should probably not listen to them. It seems that in the second paragraph and the last that you are saying two different things with the idea of making generalizations. That post was a poor point to try to demonize feminism because it’s much more complex than that simple post, as well as the people who commented have nothing to do with feminism and are just assholes because no one deserves to be harmed no matter the circumstance. Those people who commented are really ignorant for joking about what happened to the guy when feminism isn’t about doing that at all. As well as the fact that if it was reversed, you’d definitely get people that would talk crap about her as well, just like how they’re doing with him. It would be like that with any domestic violence situation, no matter who did what. Current example, Ray Rice and his wife. Feminism also seeks to step away from the idea of the gender binary and gender roles and everything that associates with what is masculine and what is feminine based on societies sexist ideas, that women are weak and can’t be strong and that something had to happen for her to do this, just like with men that they have to be strong, can’t show emotion and are horrible so they deserve to be treated like that. It’s wrong. This did bring up an important discussion though, I’ll give you that. True feminism wouldn’t stand for any of this no matter who committed the crime. Hope you’re able to learn something from this, which I have been seeing what others have been responding with and I’d have to agree with some of them. 


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